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Unbeatable harsh environment electronic equipment

About Us

Individual Solutions

Applying electronic solutions in practical applications is our specialty. Creating products that function effectively in the real world is a conceptual and design challenge that we relish.

Our design and manufacturing experience, plus our flair for lateral thinking to solve problems, means we can respond quickly to new opportunities in harsh environment electronic systems.

Custom designs, one-offs and highly specific assemblies have often become mainstay items thanks to their efficiency and the backup support we provide.

SciElex equipment is foolproof, waterproof, damage proof, weatherproof - proof of our ability to create electronic systems that survive the real world.

Robust, Tough, High tolerance

  • underwater video cameras
  • wireless video for remote site monitoring
  • data logging and data gathering tools
  • shellfish and finfish measuring boards
  • custom made solutions
  • all equipment is customisable

Design: we create innovative systems from a single camera to measuring tools and data loggers.

Manufacturing: we adapt technology quickly, regularly seek updated supply chains and keep our equipment up to date.

Service and repair: we repair most brands of industrial electronic equipment, even little-known brands from overseas, and back this up with a full support service.

Some of our clients

TAFI logo

The Tasmanian Aquaculture and Fisheries Institute research program has a large underwater habitat and species monitoring component serviced by SciElex cameras, data logging systems and survey equipment.